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Course Duration Duration 4 Days
Course Equipments Equipment Included
Course Requirements Requirements : Able to swim
Minimum age 10 years
Medically fit

Description :

With Circle Divers, learn, enjoy and get a certificate at the same time with the PADI Open Water Diving course with our team of experienced instructors.
So, if you are looking to learn something new and exciting the PADI Open Water Diver course cannot be missed.

During the course, you will learn open water diving safety skills that qualify you to be an Open Water diver who is certified to dive with a buddy in the same or similar conditions in which you have been taught, to a maximum depth of 18 metres.

PADI open water diver certification requirements

  • In order to receive the PADI Open Water certificate, you will complete 5 knowledge sections with 4 quizzes and an exam, perform a swim test (200m), and a float test (10 minutes).
  • In the water you will complete 5 confined shallow water dives, learning essential safety skills required for diving, then repeat those skills in deeper water on your 4 open water dives.
  • Once you fulfill all the requirements, you are a PADI Open Water Diver.

Junior Open Water Diver

10 - 11 yrs old will be certified as a PADI Junior Open Water Diver.
The maximum depth for 10-11 yrs old should not exceed 12m.
At 12 yrs old, you may dive up to 18m but will still be called Junior Open Water Diver until you are 15 years old.
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eLearning version

4 days are too long? Check the eLearning version and save one day of your holiday.
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Not Included

  • Manual + Certification Fee €100

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

As per PADI standards, a certified Open Water Diver can dive up to a maximum depth of 60 feet (18 meters) with a dive buddy. This depth limit is a safety measure designed to ensure that new divers have the necessary skills and experience to safely explore the underwater environment without putting themselves or others at risk.

The PADI Open Water Diver course typically takes around 3-4 days to complete, with each day involving several hours of training and practice.

The Open Water Diver Course is a great start to discovering many types of amazing marine life, but if you want more fun and excitement, take a look at the Advanced Open Water Diver Course.