Diving Rules to protect the underwater environment


I understand that Circle Divers is a Green Fins member and operates in compliance with the Green Fins Code of Conduct to protect the reefs and marine environment I am here to see. I agree to follow the guidelines and Code of Conduct laid out by Circle Divers staff. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines I may cause damage to the marine environment and may face consequences of termination of activities without the possibility of a refund.


● I will not touch anything underwater

● I will not wear gloves

● I will not feed the fish or any marine life

● I will not leave any trash, including cigarettes, on the boat or in the sea

● I will not chase, harass or excessively use strobes / flash on any marine life

● I will not use a muck stick

● I will maintain good buoyancy and stay clear of the reef at all times to prevent damage

● I will not participate in spearfishing; it targets species vital to the ecosystem balance.

● I will allow my dive / snorkel guide to correct any damaging behaviour I exhibit towards marine life.