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Course Duration Duration 3 days
Course Equipments Equipment Included
Course Requirements Requirements : Minimum age 12 years and Adventure diver*
*including navigation dive
Medically fit to dive.
First aid course including CPR within the past 24 months

Description :

Are you looking to take your scuba diving skills to the next level?
The PADI Rescue Diver course is designed to help you do just that. This course will teach you how to be a more confident and prepared diver, while also giving you the knowledge and skills to assist others in emergencies.

Learn the Skills You Need to Handle Emergency Situations

The PADI Rescue Diver course is all about learning the skills you need to handle emergencies in the water.
You will learn how to recognize and respond to common diving emergencies, such as panicked divers, unresponsive divers, and divers who are lost or separated from their buddies.
You will also learn how to rescue a diver who is in distress, as well as how to provide first aid and CPR if necessary.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

The PADI Rescue Diver course is not just about learning how to handle emergency situations. It is also about developing your leadership skills as a diver.
You will learn how to take charge in emergencies, as well as how to manage and direct a team of divers.
These skills will not only make you a better diver but also, they can be useful in other areas of your life.

Expand Your Scuba Diving Knowledge

The PADI Rescue Diver course is also a great way to expand your knowledge of scuba diving.
You will learn about dive equipment, dive planning, and how to avoid common diving hazards.
You will also learn about dive physiology, including the effects of pressure on the body and how to recognize and treat decompression sickness.

PADI has the Emergency First Responder course, which can be completed in just over half a day prior to the rescue course.

Get Certified as a PADI Rescue Diver

Once you complete the PADI Rescue Diver course, you will be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver. This certification is recognized worldwide and is a prerequisite for many other PADI courses, including the PADI Divemaster course.

Take the First Step Today

Are you ready to take your scuba diving skills to the next level?
The PADI Rescue Diver course is the perfect way to do just that. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting course and to get started on your path to becoming a more confident and prepared diver.

Not Included

  • Manual + Certification Fee €100

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can join the PADI Rescue Diver Course if you meet the following requirements: minimum age of 12 years old, Adventure Diver certification, medically cleared to dive, and completion of an Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care course within the last 24 months.

The course typically takes about 3 days to complete, depending on the scheduling and the individual's pace.

The course can be challenging, as it covers important skills and knowledge required to manage emergency situations underwater. However, the course is designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive, with practical exercises to develop your skills and knowledge.