Night Diving in Dahab

Night Diving in Dahab

Night Diving in Dahab

Night diving is one of the must things to discover when you are a diver!
There is a dayshift and a nightshift on the reef. Some species are only found at night and others are especially active hunting for food.
You will find night diving as one of the most beautiful and calming activities you can do underwater. When all the daytime noises stop you can hear the snapping shrimp create crackling noises, when your torch light hits the reef all the beautiful colours that you don't see in the day time stand out vibrant and bright.
Don´t miss out the opportunity to discover the Red Sea at Night!
This activity can be used as the first dive of your Night Dive Specialty


  • Special briefing
  • Instructor
  • 12 litre tank
  • Transfer

Not Included

  • Food&Drinks
  • Torch
  • Equipment
  • Diving Package

Terms and Conditons

  • 14% Sales Tax included