Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Blue Hole


Experience the Enigmatic Blue Hole Dive in Dahab

Dahab's renowned Blue Hole, also known as the Bells, stands as an icon in scuba diving. This mesmerizing  Dahab dive site played a pivotal role in establishing Dahab as a diving haven.

As you embark on this underwater adventure, you'll be immersed in the captivating depths of the Dahab Blue Hole.

The Bells: A Unique Entry

The entrance to the Blue Hole is truly unique and is known as "The Bells." It earned this name due to the distinct sound of tanks gently brushing against its narrow walls.

This natural chimney provides the gateway to the Blue Hole's mysterious underwater realm. However, only one diver can descend through it at a time.

Exploring the Depths

Divers emerge from The Bells at a depth of approximately 26 meters. From there, a remarkable underwater journey begins.

Swinging to the right, you'll follow the outer wall of the Blue Hole, which is adorned with majestic coral-covered overhangs. These overhangs are a testament to the thriving marine life in this unique aquatic environment.

Your Dive Experience Includes:

Knowledgeable Guide: Our experienced dive guides are your trusted companions, ensuring your safety and enriching your dive with insights into the underwater world.

Hassle-Free Transfer: We take care of the logistics, providing convenient transfers to and from the dive site.

Dive into the depths of Dahab's Blue Hole with us and discover the enchanting beauty that has captured the hearts of divers worldwide.

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