What Makes Diving in Dahab Different?

What Makes Diving in Dahab Different?

What Makes Diving in Dahab Different?

For divers wishing to escape the bright lights of Sharm el Sheikh, diving in Dahab offers a welcome break. Not only is the whole atmosphere of Dahab a lot more laid back but diving in Dahab can be quite different too!

Perhaps the main difference when you dive in Dahab is 90% of the diving in Dahab is from the shore. Most of the dive sites are accessible by car or pick up and can be reached within 20 - 30 minutes from our dive centre in Dahab. Even within walking distance from our dive centre is our amazing house reef where much of Circle’s dive training takes place.

For divers who may suffer from sea sickness when on boats, diving from the shore is a great alternative. Diving from the shore can also be great for divers with families and kids who like to snorkel. 

Diving from the shore also offers a greater flexibility in the times you can dive. Quite often our early morning dives in Dahab will leave the Dahab dive centre as early as 6.20 am with you in the water before 7am and the rush of daily divers. We can even arrange for night dives from the shore.

No more being confined by jetty times or tourist police restrictions on boat times.

With no boat hire costs to include, dive packages or courses and diving in Dahab prices will often be significantly less expensive too.

Even though most of the Dahab diving spots are accessible by car our centre offers boat dives too. We can arrange boat trips to sites such as Gabr-El-Bint, and also have daily snorkelling boats available.

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