International Women's Day March 8th 2024

International Women's Day March 8th 2024

International Women's Day March 8th 2024

Happy International Woman’s Day to all our female readers. Although we already have an PADI International Women Diver’s Day there’s no harm im another day of promoting and celebrating being a woman.

Did you know scuba diving is still a very male orientated sport. Recent PADI statistics show only 35% of certifications are female, the percentage of PADI Pros who are female falls even lower to 20% and when we talk about Female Course directors it’s as low as 15%.

To put that in perspective, thats lower than most other professions with a 34% female workforce in medicine, 38% in the legal sphere and approx 33% in the world of financial services!

The numbers are going up all the time and at Circle Divers we are proud to promote the activity of female divers and diving PROs in the workplace. We have 1 of those 15% of female Course Directors in Jilly at Circle Divers Sharm el Sheikh and at our Dahab Centre we have one of our dive centre managers Sabrina.

Of course not forgetting the women that teach everybody how to dive including Anna Maria in Sharm and Christine in Dahab to name just two. Plus all our back office staff, Nancy in Booking, and our counter women Camilla in Sharm and Haneen in Dahab.

Happy Women’s Day to you all and lets hope to see more women in Scuba diving in the forthcoming year.