Circle Divers to Become A PADI IDC Centre

Circle Divers to Become A PADI IDC Centre

Circle Divers to Become A PADI IDC Centre

Exciting News: Circle Divers becoming a PADI IDC Center 2024!

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Circle Divers! As of end December
2023, we will officially be a PADI IDC (Instructor Development Center), marking a new era of excellence
in scuba diving education.

What does this mean to our circle family of divers? It means that Circle Divers is now equipped and
authorized to conduct Instructor Development Courses (IDCs) in addition to our popular Divemaster
training, providing aspiring dive professionals with top-notch training and certification. Whether you are
dreaming of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or advancing your skills to higher levels, our
IDC center is here to support your diving ambitions.

Our commitment to safety, quality instruction, and a passion for the underwater world remains
unwavering. Join us in celebrating this exciting development, and lets explore the depths together!

Our IDC courses will begin February 2024 and be supervised under the watchful eyes of our two resident
PADI Course Directors, Jillian Healey in Sharm El Sheikh and Andreas Fuchs (Andi) in Dahab.

Jilly, our dive centre manager in Sharm El Sheikh has been working in the Sharm El Sheikh scuba diving
industry for just short of 25 years having arrived in Sharm El Sheikh in 1999. In 2009 Jilly became a PADI
Course Director and has managed many successful courses.

Jilly is known in the dive community for her high levels of professionalism and experience
in both teaching and guiding. Many of the candidates Jilly has taught have gone on to
become highly regarded dive professionals and Instructors.

Andi, our dive center manager at Circle Divers Dahab, brings the same levels of professionalism to the
 diving industry which he established in a successful law career in his native Germany.

A Course Director since 2021, Andi is one of the newest PADI Course Directors with the freshest IDC
knowledge as he was trained recently by the people who actually designed the Instructor Development
Course as it is today.

Circle Divers and both our Course Directors mission is to not only teach our candidates to pass an exam
but even more importantly develop our circle of divers into outstanding dive professionals and

Stay tuned for upcoming IDC schedules, special promotions, and dive into a world of endless possibilities
with Circle Divers.

Thank you for being part of our diving community!
Dive in, dream big!