10 Fun Facts About Ras Mohammed

10 Fun Facts About Ras Mohammed

10 Fun Facts About Ras Mohammed

Satellite view of Ras Mohammed National Park

Diving in Ras Mohammed is like attending a grand underwater masquerade where the fish are the guests, and the coral reefs are the extravagant ballroom. Here are ten fun facts that will have you booking your next dive trip faster than a clownfish darts into an anemone!

1. Underwater Traffic Jam

Ras Mohammed is not just a diving spot; it's the Times Square of the Red Sea. With over 1,000 species of fish, you'll need to perfect your underwater 'excuse me' dance.

2. Coral Skyscrapers

The coral formations here are so massive they could rival the Burj Khalifa. Okay, maybe not in height, but certainly in wow-factor.

3. Toilet Seat Souvenirs

At Yolanda Reef, you can find the remains of a cargo ship's unusual cargo – toilet seats! It's probably the only place in the world where fish might be as confused about human bathroom habits as we are.

4. Sharky Waters

Fancy swimming with sharks? Ras Mohammed's Shark Reef is a hotspot for these toothy locals. Don't worry, they're just as interested in the coral as you are.

5. Mangrove Greenery

On land, Ras Mohammed protects a rare mangrove forest. It's like the park rangers said, "Let's add some green to all this blue!".

6. The Salty Spa

Magic Lake in Ras Mohammed has salinity levels comparable to the Dead Sea. Float effortlessly and ponder life's mysteries – like how fish sleep without eyelids.

7. Anemone City

Move over, New York – there's a new city that never sleeps, and it's underwater. Anemone City is bustling with clownfish and their sea anemone homes. It's the ultimate in sea-floor real estate.

8. Dolphin Drive-By

Dolphins are known to cruise by the reefs, probably judging the fish on their fashion sense. "Darling, stripes are so last season!".

9. Underwater Photography Studio

With all the fissures, caves, and teeming marine life, every diver becomes an underwater photographer. Say 'cheese', Mr. Moray Eel.

10. The Not-So-Red Sea

Despite its name, the Red Sea is incredibly clear, offering visibility up to 30 meters. It's like nature's version of HD television.

So, there you have it – ten fun facts about diving in Ras Mohammed that prove it's not just another drop in the ocean. It's a full-blown aquatic extravaganza! Ready to dive in?