a turtle in the water, our house-reef and some diving boats in the Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh

Lots of soldier fish in a cave of corals

Two butterfly fish in front of red corals

Before starting your adventure we will welcome you at our dive center, give you a short introduction, check your equipment and health, and of course answer all your questions. Usually, you will make your first dive from shore or boat at one of the many beautiful local dive sites to check your weights, skills, and for you to get used to diving again. Before every dive you will get a full briefing about the dive site including safety instructions, and all interesting landmarks of that particular dive site. After the briefing is given by our experienced Dive Masters and Instructors, we will show you the beauty of the Red Sea in small groups of maximum 4 buddy teams per guide.

An anglefish in front of a red coral

All dives from boat take place on luxury boats and there is enough space for every diver both on the boat and underwater. Of course our boats will also take you to the National Park of Ras Mohammed, to the Strait of Tiran as well as to the local dive sites. The Egyptian government charges an entrance fee for Ras Mohammed and Tiran per person per day, no matter if you dive by boat or from shore. This money directly goes towards the National Park authorities for the protection of this and other unique National Parks in Egypt. On our boats, you will enjoy up to three dives per day. But it is up to you and your individual condition how many dives you want to make per day.


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Ras um el Sid Cliff
Sharm el Sheikh



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