Dahab, Arabic for Gold, is bordered by 2 protected areas; in the south, Nabq protected area starts at Wadi Gnai, and in the north, Ras Abu Galum protected area starts at the Blue Hole. In total, 52% of the Gulf of Aqaba coastline is protected area, which is very important for managing growth and for preserving the reef and ecosystem.

There are 3 general main areas for diving in Dahab. The northern part stretches from Abu Helal to Ras Abu Galum including the world famous dive sites, the Blue Hole and Canyon.

The middle part starts at the dive site Eel Garden and reaches down to Napoleon Reef, in the middle of this is Lighthouse also known as Dahab`s house reef, Bannerfish Bay, Mashraba and the Islands.

The southern part runs from Golden Blocks to Gabr El-Bint which includes the sites the Caves and El Shugharat.

Even though Dahab is mostly shore diving, some dive sites are only accessible by boat or camel, like Ras Abu Galum in the north and Gabr El-Bint in the south. Steep walls with mighty overhangs, giant coral pinnacles, caves and a great diversity of marine life will guaranty an unforgettable diving experience.

All dives are made between 15 and 30m and take usually 60 minutes.

From the 10th of August 2019, the Egyptian government charges an entrance fee of € 10 per person per entry at Ras Abu Galum and the Blue Hole, no matter if you dive by boat or from shore. This money goes directly towards the National Park authorities for the protection of this and other unique National Parks in Egypt.

Ras Abu Galum

This dive site has an average depth of 20-30m which suits divers of all levels. Diving here is often started at a sandy slope that descends from the shore with the reef wall starting on both sides. Lots of pinnacles, dramatic rock formations and a great variety of marine life can be explored at this dive site. The northern part of the site is famous for its coral gardens. Ras Abu Galum is also the site you want to experience a camping adventure. Accessible only by boat or camel this place offers original Bedouin huts, dinner stargazing and breakfast. Adventure lovers will not be disappointed.

Blue Hole/Bells

The Blue Hole/Bells is one of the most famous dive sites in the world, it´s also the dive site started the hype of diving in Dahab. Usually one enters this site through an open chimney called the Bells. The name comes from the sound of tanks touching the wall as it’s very narrow, only one diver can go down at a time. Divers exit this chimney at approximately 26m and swim to the right along the outer wall of the Blue Hole where majestic over hangs full of corals are waiting to be marveled.


The Canyon dive site is on the way to the Blue Hole. Most likely you’re going to dive here as well when you go to the Blue Hole. You will have a short swim through a shallow sandy lagoon. The exit of this lagoon and the following pinnacles are just breathtaking and will blow your mind. From 5-20m you’ll find a beautiful garden of corals and then discover the canyon itself – a split between the reef going down to 54m. Beautiful soft and hard corals as well as the chance to see Octopus en masse, making this dive truly amazing.

Umm El Sid

Umm El Sid is considered to be the most beautiful reef south of Dahab. The dive sites in this area are Golden Blocks, Moray Garden, Three Pools, Um Sid and the Caves. The diving here usually starts very shallow on a sandy slope with a beautiful wall of corals. There are a lot of eels, swim past them and you’ll find a coral table where you are lucky sometimes and see macro stuff like nudibranchs which makes the dive very interesting.


Also known as Dahab’s house reef. Located almost exactly in the center of the town, it offers a huge variety of marine life. Starting with schools of Barracudas, it's not rare to meet Napoleon Brasses, Octopus, Scorpion and Crocodile fish between giant pinnacles full with soft and hard corals. So many different options to dive this dive site. One of our favourite approaches is coming behind those giant pinnacles, swim over the saddle into an amazing coral garden with huge table corals and gorgonians. The way back leads again over the saddle and with an awesome coloured reef to your right, you will have more than plenty opportunities to feed your camera.

El Shugurat (little trees)

El Shugurat is normally only accessible by boat, just to the left (north) of Gabr el-Bint, one of the most southern and spectacular dive sites of Dahab, which contains huge gorgonian fan corals, some of the biggest and best preserved in the entire Red Sea. After passing a small sandy plateau you will drop down into a canyon that opens towards the blue, turn left to the reef wall (north) you will come to the beginning of the gorgonian fan field. Big Napoleons are patrolling the area in the upper 10 - 15m. At the end of the field, swim back over the saddle and catch a nice drift (usually light north –south current) back over a second sandy plateau

Gabr El-Bint

Gabr el-Bint ranks among one of the most attractive dive sites of North Sinai. With the access by boat, or by camel, it is less frequently dived than the other dive sites in Dahab which has left this site in pristine condition. Gabr el-Bint means 'The Grave of the Girl' in Arabic. There are two dives possible here. The right side (dark side), features a steep wall that drops down to about 60m cut by numerous chasms, sandy ravines and overhangs. The drop-off is adorned with healthy table corals. The left side is far more colourful featuring a virtual forest of gorgonians. Usually drop down to about 20-25m swimming along massive boulders protruding from the drop-off which attracts dense schools of Anthias and Glass fish. Keep a good eye on the blue where you will see Trevallies hunting the schools of Fusiliers. After about ten minutes you will find some of the healthiest gorgonian fan corals in the Red Sea. Here you start to ascend to about 10m and cross the saddle, then start to head back along a sandy ledge which parallels to the shore. The ledge is riddled with exquisite coral heads that attract numerous reef species, including swarms of Anthias, Scorpion fish, Parrot fish, Crocodile fish, Surgeonfish, Triggerfish, Trumpetfish, Stingrays and very often a Turtle. Just one of the truly breathtaking dives in Dahab.

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