a turtle in the water, our house-reef and some diving boats in the Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh

You want to go diving in the Red Sea and discover the underwater world? We offer you the highest quality and safety in diving with family and friendly atmosphere, in a very nice way, in small groups and individual dives.

We offer daily dive trips by boat as well as from shore and snorkelers are welcome to join. Also, we offer PADI and SSI diving courses in different languages from beginner level up to professional levels, and Tec diving.

Our diving centers are located in the red sea for those who love diving in Sharm el Sheikh and diving in Dahab.

Diver in the reef with lots of anthias and a red corals

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is a holiday resort located in the south-west of South Sinai and because of the location, it is very rich of high quality dive sites easy to reach with daily boat trips, and afterwards back to your hotel to enjoy the nightlife in the city. It’s a good location for those who like to have a diving holiday, relaxing holiday and enjoy a good nightlife.

Our diving center in Sharm el Sheikh is located in the middle of Hadaba, Ras Umm El Sid area.

Hadaba is a big resort area in the south part of the city, between Naama Bay and Old Market. We are in the middle of many 3* to 5* hotels, with an approximate distance of 15 minutes walking. Also the jetties are maximum 10 minutes away from our diving center.

Our house reef is in Naama Bay at Kanabesh Hotel. It's the perfect house reef for courses and certified divers. There is a lot of marine life to see including eagle rays, crocodile fish, moray eels, turtles by the sea grass most of the time and much more.


Dahab was once an isolated coastal village inhabited only by the local Bedouin. Dahab's isolated location, idyllic setting and laid-back atmosphere make it a favorite destination for all who discovered it. Located approximately 80 km north of Sharm el Sheikh. Today’s Dahab has evolved into an "alternative resort" – the home of independent and adventurous travellers, but also with some more up market resorts and hotels. For most people, this mix is part of Dahab's charm ("everyone is welcome").

Our diving center in Dahab is located at Jaz Dahabeya resort in the Lagoon area, with our own easy, beautiful house reef.

The Lagoon area is a resort area in the southwest of the city. We are surrounded by a few 3* to 4* hotels, with an approximate distance of 5 minutes walking.

Our name and logo

Circles are omnipresent in our lives. The moon, the sun, and the earth are circles. Even the blood that flows in our body is in constant circulation to maintain life, and the bubbles we exhale while diving also look like circles. In other words: Life itself is a circle.

A circle stands for safety and security… and nothing is more important when you go diving!

We are one team, one big family. We aim at high quality; personalized diving and we hope to give you an amazing time and an experience that lingers long in your memory.

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Circle Divers
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Ras um el Sid Cliff
Sharm el Sheikh



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